Audition Requirements

The following dance elements are to be shown in your video for each age group. Successful candidates passing through the first video audition round will then be given a short repertoire solo to learn, appropriate for age and standard, which will also be performed at the Awards. Depending on time, it will either be danced as a solo, or two or three dancers at a time.

Age 8/9 year olds: (2 separate combinations)

  1. Port de Bras & Glissades – 20 seconds long.
  2. Sauté in 1st position, Spring Pointes & forward Galops incorporating change of legs and using Port de Bras – 20 seconds long.

Age 10/11 year olds: (1 combination) incorporating all the steps in 3/4 musical timing. You may use the steps below in any order.

  1. A Port de Bras movement, incorporating Balancé, Piqué Pas de Bourrée, Echappé, Assemblé finishing with a travelling step of Sissonne Fermé and Pas de Chat. Please use Port de Bras throughout and you may use any other linking steps to complete your combination on one side only – approx 40 seconds long.

Age 12/13 year old: (2 separate combinations) in either 4/4 or 3/4 musical timing.

  1. Adagio: to include full plié in 5th position, Port de Bras, and choice of Arabesque, Fondu with other appropriate steps to complete a short Adage finishing with a single or double Pirouette and a pose of your choice – 25 seconds long.
  1. Sauté: Assemblé and Jeté combination with a travelling step incorporating Temps Levé in Arabesque and appropriate steps of your choice to complete your combination – 25 seconds long.

Age 14/16 year olds: (3 separate combinations) using 3/4 or 4/4 musical timing.

  1. Set Adagio: Full plié in 4th position, Developpé en avant or croisé, carry to 2nd position, turn to 1st Arabesque, promenade and finish into Attitude croisé, rise and close into 5th position demi pointe. Lower heels and continue with Developpé a la seconde, Plié on supporting leg, Piqué Pas de Bourée into 4th pos croisé and Pirouette en Dedans finishing with a pose of your choice – approx 30 seconds long.
  2. Grand Allegro: incorporating Batterie and Pirouette Piqué turn – 15 seconds long.  
  3. Pointe Work: 1 combination to include the following steps: Echappés of your choice, Releve in 5th, Sissonnes of your choice, Pirouette of your choice – 10 seconds long.  

Age 17/21 year olds: Male and Female

1.  Any Classical Variation from Repertoire or own choreography.

Females dancers must show pointe work. Maximum time allowed is 1 minute 30 seconds, but can be shorter.