Russian Ballet Society

The Russian Ballet Society was created to promote the teaching of the Legat System of Ballet which is a dynamic and artistic style created by Nicolas Legat, The Legat System of Classical Ballet is a free flowing style with a strong basic technique developed through a constant variation of enchâinements. Once mastery of the basic steps has been achieved these are arranged in a variety of combinations within their groupings, so that the brain is constantly stimulated and ultimate mastery of the body and the limbs is attained.

The Russian Ballet Society is a Charitable Trust incorporated in Scotland (Scottish Charity No.  SC020680). ( ) It is managed by the Executive Committee comprising the Trustees and led by the President who is assisted by the Vice President and the Artistic Director. The Russian Ballet Society promotes the teaching and learning of the Legat System of Ballet through teacher training courses and examinations. The RBS is validated by CDMT (Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre) and our exams are accredited through the Rock School London (RSL), which are OFQUAL accredited and eligible for UCAS points. We are presently working on the development of a fully accredited teacher training programme for Level 6.

                    Founders: Nicolas and Nadine Nicolaeva Legat

 Patrons: Mimi Legat

 Mimi Legat is the grand-daughter of Nicholas and Nadine Legat.

Olga Moiseeva

Anna Aragno

Ballerina, Psychoanalyst and Author. Anna was trained at the Legat School of Russian ballet under the guidance of Madame Nadine Nicolaeva Legat.